The Horizon-Man

Featured image - Horizon Man digital painting
The Horizon-Man
2019 – Created in Corel Painter

Based on my poem of the same name, The Horizon-Man ( L’Homme-Horizon) personifies the imaginary horizon line, forever present as an illusion between the ocean and the sky, between reality and the imaginary. Like with a mirage in the desert or with a “fata morgana” on the high sea, a misunderstanding of the phenomenon can be disastrous or even fatal. There is a sense of security and comfort in the horizon’s presence, perhaps it even arouses a longing for adventure, but like in a wild dream or a secret fantasy, it remains elusive and its boundaries can never be attained; at least, with the limitations of our manifested human form.

Note : The following poem in English and French versions are not in live text, but presented here as images to avoid flawed mistranslations from the Google translate widget. For a better readibility, please click on the images to see them in full size.

The Horizon-Man – English
L’Homme-Horizon – Français

Please respect my copyrights.
For a fee, a high resolution version signed by the artist can be made available to you on request.

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