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Anthony and Cleopatra
Centaur Theatre -1996
Observe The Sons of Ulster…
Centaur Theatre -1988
Dancing at Lughnasa
Bishops University -1994
Smile Orange
Black Theatre Workshop -1996
Stage Struck
The Piggery Theatre 1986

The Master and Margarita
Centaur Theatre -1994
Marvin: Dream of a Lifetime
Black Theatre Workshop -1988
Playboy of the West Indies
Black Theatre Workshop – 1993
Pedro and the Captain
Mixed Company – 1990
Divided We Stand
Canadian Stage Co. -1990
The Tempest
Dawson College -1988
Fear, Fury, Folly
Toronto Caribana -2013
Zen & the Incredible Adding Machine
Unrealized -1993

The Virtue of Self-Reliance
Toronto Caribana -1990
The White Devil
Montreal Carifiesta -1986
The Funambulist
Trinidad Carnival -1989
Basil Must Learn
Trinidad Carnival -1985

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