Forest Harmonies Triptych

© Andrew Lue-Shue, March 2022

1st painting in the Forest Harmonies triptych - Sunrise
Harmony 1 – Sunrise
20” X 20”
2nd painting in the Forest Harmonies triptych - Sunset
Harmony 2 – Sunset
20” X 20”
3rd painting in the Forest Harmonies triptych - Midnight
Harmony 3 – Midnight
20” X 20”

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The triptych, Forest Harmonies, represents a lyricism in the language of forests in three movements, and in the secondary colours of green, orange and purple from luminosity to darkness. Thus, it is a harmony within the whole colour spectrum. By extension, the triptych is about the spirit of collaboration and the intrinsic harmony in life. Sunrise, as a green youthful phase, is already a harmony with two primary colours, yellow and blue, with tinges of red in its greys. Sunset is the still vibrant midlife phase harmonized with red and yellow, with hints of blue in its greys. Midnight is the last phase of life harmonized with blue and red, with a lueur of yellow in its light. Not only are the individual trees not separated from the forest, they sing a harmonious melody as a choir; their whole life cycle is also in harmony.

Forest Harmonies triptych is in the personal collection of the artist in Delray Beach, Florida