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Andrew Lue-Shue

Artist, pacifist, citizen of the world

I grew up in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago and moved to Montreal, Quebec in 1976 where I studied Fine Arts: Art Education at Concordia University and Scenography at the National Theatre School of Canada. I worked as a freelance designer in Canada for 16 years before changing careers in 2000. In the same period, I also designed costumes for the Trinidad Carnival, Toronto’s Caribana and Montreal’s Carifête.

After a failed Graphic Design startup project, I landed a temporary job in Mental Health which lasted another 16 years. This involved a return to university studies in Psychosocial Intervention at UQAM (Université de Québec à Montréal) as well as a cascade of courses and seminars over the years in Non Violent Communication (NVC), Conflict Mediation, Personal Growth programs, personal therapies and spiritual inquiry through Mindfulness and other types of meditation.

The last official position at my job at Maison l’Échelon before retirement allowed me to bring my experience full circle through organizing creative arts and personal growth workshops at the Day Centre for adult persons living with mental health challenges.