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Thanks for visiting my blog.
Just like you, I am Peace, Light and Love.

The names my parents gave me are Andrew (from Greek “Andros” which means manly) and Randolph from German meaning shield wolf. They say one’s names define one’s mission in life, so perhaps I was meant to be a virile shield wolf or by extension, some all-powerful male protector. Yet, on the surface, my identity does not seem to match that description unless we redefine manly and shield wolf.

The truth is that since my adolescence I have rejected the constraints of toxic masculinity and I am more at ease seeing myself as an androgynous and egalitarian pacifist. My real strength is in my capacity to adapt and to maintain balance in my life. My own mission is to contribute in creating peace and harmony in my environment and in the world.

I think my names are sophisticated and sexy, but I won’t respond to Randy Andy. 😆 However, you may refer to me by the pronouns he / him / we / us.

I consider myself blessed to be of mixed heritage with European, African, Chinese and Amerindian roots. Presently, I live on Mohawk ancestral territory also known as the Montreal Metropolitan region.

This is a peaceful place for us to hang out and share reflections about art, life, poetry, nature and anything uplifting.

From the blog

Nonviolence: a Path to Survival, Peace and Unity

I originally published this article on nonviolence many years ago on Facebook Notes. It was subsequently republished by Joanna Haynes on her website Caribbean Inspired …Globally Wired, under the section Men and their Stories. I think it is appropriate and necessary to publish it anew here on my “Peace Blog” given the palpable disquiet over…

Dear Mom

Cliquez ici pour la version française du poème Dear Mom, I wrote you this poem for Mother’s Day 16 years ago, yet the sentiments I expressed is as fresh today as it was then. Today is your 67th Mother’s Day and still counting as you continue to be Mom, not only to me and my…

We are not the enemy

Yes! We must not regard each other as enemies, even when our dishonourable behaviours deceive our higher selves and our ethical norms. The real enemy is our insistence to represent ourselves as separate from each other and from nature; as distant from past and future; as disconnected from the Divine Spirit. We fail ourselves when…

Song to the Blue Water Goddess

What better time to refresh our creative energies than the Spring Equinox. Here I present the evocative work of Lydia Erickson, visual artist, poet, sound and light healer and a meditation guide with an illuminated spirit. She is a certified Soundcode therapist and a Kundalini Reiki master, has been training in Yoga Nidra and leads…

I Care

This is a meditation that is meant to be read very slowly with mindfulness, allowing the ‘caring’ to generate deep sentiments of lovingkindness and compassion, and radiate from the inner being to the outer world. If you do care, please take this energy out into your communities to create a wave of healing across the…

Peace – Paix – Pax – Мир

To speak of peace in this way may seem insensitive to the suffering that many Ukrainians are experiencing at this very moment as their security, their lives, their dreams, their illusions … are being pummelled by the narcissistic actions of a tyrant. I recognize that this way of looking at peace may even be a…

Beloved / Bien-aimé

In memory of the 2nd anniversary of the passing away of our dad, Neville Lue Shue on January 26, 2020. The substance of this poem presented itself to me three mornings ago while I was semi-awake in my bed. Some of it was almost word for word, but mostly it was a sentiment of presence…

How my genealogical research changed me!

When I began the genealogical research into my diverse family, I had no idea that it would challenge how I viewed myself and perhaps even my sense of identity. The journey began around 2007 when my parents visited me in Montreal and shared with me a copy of the Hart family tree that was given…

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