Free to Love / Libre d’aimer

Free to Love

am free to love as I please,
You, the skies, the seas, the birds,
the fishes.
You are free to love as you please,
Me, the skies, the seas, the birds,
the fishes.

You are sky and I am sea.
I support you on my blissful
undulating body
and you cradle me
in your wide cozy arms.
I let you drink from my essence,
You replenish my spirit in return,
in an eternal,
ecstatic dance of life;
…of death.

Our bloodline is of the stars,
our children are mountains, trees
and streams,
theirs, birds, bees
and fishes.
Our native tongue is Freedom,
our culture is Joy,
our spirit, Love.

I am free to love.
You are free to love.
We are free. 
We are love.
We are…

Andrew Lue-Shue – 2019

Libre d’aimer

Je suis libre d’aimer à ma guise,
Toi, les cieux, les mers, les oiseaux,
les poissons.
Tu es libre d’aimer comme tu veux,
Moi, les cieux, les mers, les oiseaux
les poissons.

Tu es ciel et je suis mer.
Je te soutiens sur mon corps
ondulant bienheureux
et tu me berces
dans de larges bras douillets.
Je te laisse boire de mon essence,
Vous remplissez mon esprit en retour,
dans une danse éternelle
et extatique de la vie ;
…de la mort.

Notre lignée est celle des étoiles,
nos enfants sont montagnes, arbres
et ruisseaux,
les leurs, oiseaux, abeilles
et poissons.
Notre langue native est Liberté,
notre culture est Joie,
notre esprit, Amour.

Je suis libre d’aimer.
Vous êtes libre d’aimer.
Nous sommes libres.
Nous sommes amour.
Nous sommes…

Andrew Lue-Shue -2019

This is a poem that I wrote in 2019, but have refined it and am presenting it here during World Unity Week. It expresses love in its essence as ubiquitous, infinite and unconditional. Love is a primordial force that unites us with the rest of life on Earth and beyond. It is the centre of who we are and who we were at birth. It is probably what we will encounter at Death’s door. In reality, Love is a choice: we are free to embody it or to reject it. The only thing that changes by our decision is the relationship we have with ourselves, with others and with nature. Our choice either reinforces the vibrational energy around us or weakens it. It is perhaps what some refer to as creating Heaven or Hell on Earth. The last line of the poem We are … We is the essence. It means that we are unity even when we are separated by time or space.

Note: The poem was written in both English and French simultaneously and as part of my creative process, the subtleties in the syntax of each language served to nourish each other. They are presented here together. For the purists; native tongue is not literally one’s mother tongue, but our native disposition that expresses who we are inherently. 

4 thoughts on “Free to Love / Libre d’aimer

  1. Wonderful Site Andrew, great exploration of self, of your creative talent and experience which come to bear so beautifully on the website. I feel your calm, your peace, like a butterfly. Lots of work on yourself and your environment. Keep inspiring us all. I directed ‘Playboy of The West Indies” for a famous Theatre in NY, The Billie Holiday Theatre…the Set was awesome, you captured it perfectly…. ..God continue to bless you and your work.


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