Christina Constancia Lopez “Apo”
Digital artwork created in Corel Painter – 2019

This is an imaginary portrait of my paternal great-grandmother from an old family photo taken around 1934. She was fondly called Apo (Hakka Chinese word for Grandma) by the family. Although I never met her, while doing the portrait, I kept seeing images of my dad and also of myself in her image.

I believe the photo was taken just before my uncle Qui Loy (right) departed for China where he stayed with family in LiLong Village, Bao’On County, Guangdong in what would be now the northeastern part of Shenzhen. He was 10 years at that time. My dad, Neville “Qui Hing”, who is at the extreme left was 7 years at that time. My aunt Juanita “Kimmy” is in my grandmother’s arms.

Randolph Lue Shue and family – 1934

Please respect my copyrights.
For a fee, a high resolution version signed by the artist can be made available to you on request.

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