La Mesa:

Negotiating with the Gods

La Mesa : Negotiating with the Gods
Carnival costume design – 2013

La Mesa : Negotiating with the Gods was a character costume designed for Mas Toronto’s Caribana 2013 presentation “Timeline”. It was supposed to lead the section “Age of Discovery”, but for reasons beyond my control, it was never realized.

La Mesa represents the dilemma of an Aztec chief facing the devastating impact to his world from the arrival of the men of the sea in the search of “El Dorado”. Ironically, his negotiation table reminds us of a gold coin from the period. From the human perspective, his gamble was disastrous for his people as “la mesa” was not a level playing field. Can we still wait for a response from the gods?

Please respect my copyrights.
For a fee, a high resolution version signed by the artist can be made available to you on request.

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