El Dorado Hill

El Dorado Hill
2018 – Acrylics on canvas 18″ X 24″

El Dorado Hill is a poetic interpretation of Naparima Hill, in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago that was desecrated and defaced by quarrying and capitalist greed in the latter half of the last century.

It was originally called Nabarima (Guardian of the waters) by the Warao Indians of the Orinoco Delta in Venezuela who considered it sacred. Clearly visible from the low delta regions, it was the Northern coordinate of their navigation system.

Legend has it that a supreme spirit, Kanobo lived on the hill and that he rescued the inhabitants of the Delta region during a great deluge. Until the 1930s, the Warao Indians made an annual pilgrimage by canoe to the hill. However, the practice was stopped by the then British authorities in Trinidad who feared their naked Dionysian frolic.

There is a saying in Trinidad : “to behave like a Warahoo” – meaning to act loudly and wantonly.

The original is owned by the artist.

Please respect my copyrights.
For a fee, a high resolution version signed by the artist can be made available to you on request.

  1. Thank you, Kim. I am happy that you were touched by my words. Much love.

  2. Thanks for your confidence in me, Sharon. “Guru” seems though like too big a shoe for me to fill. 😆

  3. Alexis R. on I Care

    I love every word of this meditation. Such important and heartfelt words.

  4. Andrew, amazing , all if it. You are my guru.

  5. Thanks Donna. I am certain that we can be at peace. First, we must create peace by filling the world…

  6. Donna Somboonlakana on I Care

    Lovely. It is nice to be among people who care as I care too. I wish the people of this…

2 thoughts on “El Dorado Hill

  1. Bonjour Andrew,
    Je prends un moment pour regarder et lire la beauté qui t’habitue et c’est très beau.
    Merci pour me donner accès à ta créativité.


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