Fear, Fury, Folly

Fear, Fury, Folly
2013 – Created in Corel Painter

The King character from the section Age of Empires in the band Timeline presented by Mas Toronto under the leadership of Garvin Crichlow at Toronto’s 2013 Caribana Parade.

The description :

After the loss of innocence, the human spirit lost its way on the return path to Unity and becomes entangled in a quagmire of profound and troubling emotions. The most destructive of these emotions is irrational Fear. The cold white mask of this primal emotion is the most corrosive agent of the human spirit and the underlying source of all weakness. It is the hallmark of alienation and the root of cruelty. Fear is one-eyed and suspicious of kindness and truth.

When unchecked, Fear spirals out of control and transforms into the red feverish mask of Fury whose language is Hate and its culture, Aggression and War. Fury is totally blind to the suffering of others and regenerates itself on negativity and confusion.

Without bounds, Fury degenerates into the black mask of Folly whose world is the dark recesses of irrationality and egomania. Because it is resistant to light, it lacks clarity of thought and its perspective of exterior reality is distorted.

When unrestrained, these three faces of the human spirit corrupt and pervert the souls of despots and dictators and become the building blocks of ivory towers, fortresses and tyrannical empires.

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