Song to the Blue Water Goddess

Painting of Blue Water Goddess and Poem

What better time to refresh our creative energies than the Spring Equinox. Here I present the evocative work of Lydia Erickson, visual artist, poet, sound and light healer and a meditation guide with an illuminated spirit. She is a certified Soundcode therapist and a Kundalini Reiki master, has been training in Yoga Nidra and leads regular nidra-inspired Healing Sound Meditations.

You can learn more on her website : Song of the Trees – A Life in Balance

This years, Spring Equinox on Sunday, March 20th, with Nancy Anger, she will be “Honouring the Goddess Within” and re-awakening the wisdom of the Divine Feminine in a Day of Sacred Embodiment retreat for women.

Image of blue Water Goddess with poem

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